Call of Duty Black Ops IIII x Meister Watch Release Party

Meister International; a watch company located in Southern California partnered up with Activision. The creator of a well-known first person shooter game known as Call of Duty Black Ops IIII. Meister contacted us to render, design, and apply vinyl art for their watch release party on Melrose Ave.

Exactly a week before the event. Meister, the Activision team, and myself did a walkthrough of the venue.

Some venue pictures posted below:

After the walk through, it was time to start rendering. Renderings need to be approved by the Activision Licensing team before moving forward to print. This the list of locations where I needed to place art.

  • Front Entrance Window

  • Front Entrance Door

  • Gaming Station

  • Wall Across from Game Station

  • Room #2 Front Entrance

  • Room #2 Wall

  • Bar Wrap 

When we say “Renderings Become Reality.” We mean it!

Recap Video

2015 Targa Trophy Megarun

The 2nd Annual Targa Trophy Megarun Triple Crown special event consisted of a 3 stage, 1000+ mile journey through Colorado, Utah, and Nevada that boosts your adrenaline to the fullest.

"It's a camaraderie type of thing, and driving with a bunch of people in a non-competitive environment is new for me, and it felt really cool to just go out there with a bunch of cool people and awesome cars and just drive."

- Matt Powers ( NASA GTS4 Champion - Targa Trophy Rookie)

With a short amount of staff, it was a long 2 weeks; day & night of cutting, weeding, and transferring. With a few extra cars added last minute, we rushed their stickers before all the cars were loaded onto the transport trucks and headed to Denver. Jason of Targa Trophy hired a local graphic team to do all the installs out there which cut us some slack. 

From Denver to Aspen, the drive was breathtaking. We were able to drive through Pikes Peak. The only cars you see drive Piikes Peak are race cars and motogp bikes. The opportunity to drive the twisted scenic route was more exciting than celebrating your 21st birthday in  Vegas. 

As you see cars drive down the highway repping the "5TH" icon; meant only one thing. 5th Dimension is getting bigger.